En Route to SA is the Giant Inflatable Unicorn!

Giant Inflatable Unicorn

After a bit  of a wait, we can confirm that the infamous Giant Inflatable Unicorn is going to be available exclusively from us right here in South Africa! This is the stuff unicorn dreams are made up of.   Quick Stats: 6ft Tall (now for some metric conversions). That is roughly 1.8m Tall The perfect […]

LEGO Boost Review

Lego Boost

Lego Boost is the crazy robot cat guitar kit you never knew you wanted. Scott Stein got to grips with this robotic wonder. The Good Forms five unique creations out of the box, and can be customized; uses regular Lego pieces; programming possibilities are limited to what Lego offers, but offers lots of depth. The Bad Needs […]

Ataribox – First Look

Check out the teaser from Atari for their Ataribox. The Ataribox console is real: Check out these first pictures that show Atari’s rival to the SNES Classic Mini. It will come in two versions – one that’s based on the original Atari VCS (2600) and another with a more modern, black and red design. Atari has also […]

Nintendo Classic Mini SNES is coming in September 2017

What put a smile on our faces today? Nintendo announcing that the Nintendo Classic Mini SNES is on its way, thats what! On September 29th the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo’s follow-up console to the legendary Nintendo Entertainment System, returns in a new petite form as the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Launched in […]

Spider-Man Interactive App-Enabled Super Hero

Spider-Man Interactive App-Enabled Super Hero

Join forces with Spider-Man and enter the Marvel Universe like never before. This voice interactive Super Hero brings Spidey to life and features hours of entertainment. Embark on missions against the most notorious villains in engaging experiences. Every decision you make creates a new path forward, so your unique journey will continue to evolve. Spidey’s […]

Ultimate Lightning McQueen has just been upgraded by Sphero

Ultimate Lightening McQueen

This. Is. Lightning McQueen. Ultimate Lightning McQueen is the top of the line racer packed with personality. With animated eyes, an animatronic mouth, and emotive suspension, experience Lightning like never before. A seven-time Piston Cup Champion, Ultimate Lightning McQueen was born to race. Connect to the app, hit the gas, and see Lightning respond to […]

First official images of the LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V

The wait is over! After a year in development we’re incredibly proud to unveil and present the first official images of the LEGO Ideas 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V designed by LEGO Ideas members Felix Stiessen and Valérie Roche. You’ll be able to find the 1 meter high (approximately 1:110 scale) icon of space exploration here […]

New Brand Alert – GOAL ZERO Available Now

Power. Anything. Anywhere. GOAL ZERO GOAL ZERO equips you with dependable portable solar power packs, panels, and lights. Whether you are out in the bush, at the beach with some buddies, at home, in your car or camped out at the base of Everest, their Field-proven products will keep you powered. GOAL ZERO is continually working to deliver […]

Parrot Drone Sale

Whether you are a photographer, adventurer, kid or grownup we have your drone waiting for you at our Parrot Drone Sale. So you have always played with the idea of getting a Drone to get that bird’s eye view or perhaps do to a bit of aerial photography but had no either as to what […]