LEGO unveils massive 10261 Creator Expert Roller Coaster!

Take a ride with the ultimate Roller Coaster! LEGO just unveiled the massive and heavily-rumored 10261 Creator Expert Roller Coaster. Clocking in at 4,124 pieces, the set includes 11 minifigures, new red track, and a functioning chain-lift. The huge set will retail for about R4800 with a hopeful availability on June 1 here in SA. The […]

Stunning Star Wars Lego Y-Wing set would impress Gold Leader!

LEGO and Star Wars are still going string with this amazing collaboration that keeps on bringing us the most amazing sets. Here at Yuppie Gadgets we not only stock these sets but have also been collecting some…what can we say? We LOVE the products we sell! So on May 4, Star Wars Day, Lego will release the Star […]

The Ataribox aka Atari VCS – It’s coming together…slowly

Remember last year when we first broke this awesome news? Well it turns out the company is still working on bringing us this updated, yet nostalgic piece of gaming. Atari COO Michael Arzt apologizes for all the things he can’t tell us, like when, where, how much, how powerful, etc. the Atari VCS might be. But […]

The Mason Jar Trend that is Here to Stay

Mason Jars are everywhere these days including at Yuppie Gadgets. Pinterest and Instagram overflow with photos of what you can make with these timeless and versatile jars. THE TREND ISN’T OVER YET. From Mason Jar Cocktail sets (well guys can also get into the Mason Jar trend too) to Juicers as well as Shot Glasses and […]

Nintendo Classic Mini SNES review – the greatest console ever made

90s style video gaming is back with the Nintendo Classic Mini SNES, which features 20 of the best games ever made and the never-before-seen Star Fox 2. The day I got my first Super Nintendo is one of my most endearing and enduring memories. After pestering my parents all day except when I was at school […]

THE C64 is here. The world’s best-selling single computer model has been reimagined!

Launched in 1982, the Commodore 64 home computer went on to dominate the home computer scene throughout the 1980s. Millions of units were sold across the world and have a special place in the hearts of its former owners. 35 years later and it’s back! Out goes the silent black and white experience and in with […]

Not rendered. Not filtered. First shots of Ataribox in the flesh.


The guys at Atari have just release these images of the Ataribox in the flesh (and BTW: It is real wood!). The guys at Atari have released more information as well since we first reported this. Ataribox will be powered by an AMD customized processor, with Radeon Graphics technology. It’ll run Linux, with a customized, easy-to-use user interface.  This […]

Star Wars Force Friday II

Force Friday II weekend kicks off on September 1, and with it the launch of new products inspired by Star Wars: The Last Jedi. But to quote Luke Skywalker, “It’s so much bigger!” Here at Yuppie Gadgets we are beyond excited. In case you have been living under a rock, September 1 is a special day […]

En Route to SA is the Giant Inflatable Unicorn!

Giant Inflatable Unicorn

After a bit  of a wait, we can confirm that the infamous Giant Inflatable Unicorn is going to be available exclusively from us right here in South Africa! This is the stuff unicorn dreams are made up of.   Quick Stats: 6ft Tall (now for some metric conversions). That is roughly 1.8m Tall The perfect […]

LEGO Boost Review

Lego Boost

Lego Boost is the crazy robot cat guitar kit you never knew you wanted. Scott Stein got to grips with this robotic wonder. The Good Forms five unique creations out of the box, and can be customized; uses regular Lego pieces; programming possibilities are limited to what Lego offers, but offers lots of depth. The Bad Needs […]