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12 inch Vinyl Record Frame

R145.00 R72.50 incl. VAT

Slot together the 12 inch Vinyl Record Frame and display your album cover artwork on the wall. The perfect gift for the record lover in your life!

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Laundry Punch Bag

R385.00 R269.50 incl. VAT

In one corner, we have the undefeated champion, Your Dirty Laundry…
And in the other corner, we have Yuppie Gadget’s newcomer, Laundry Punch Bag!
Ladies and gentlemen – let’s get ready to tuuummbbbllee…
Tumble dry, that is.

SKU: LAUNDR-201 Categories: ,
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Key Rock

R55.00 incl. VAT

Avoid a lockout – leave a rock out with our Key Rock!

SKU: KEYROC-475 Categories: ,
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Mobi Whale Vase – White

R685.00 R616.50 incl. VAT

The Mobi Whale Vase – White is a unique and cleverly designed vase that will amaze all. When the two halves of the vase are placed together you’ll see a whale basking in all its glory.

SKU: MOBITH-002 Categories: ,
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Vase Tanglabra

R320.00 R128.00 incl. VAT

Our Vase Tanglabra offers a contemporary twist to flower arranging and you don’t need to be a wiz at it.

SKU: VASETA-001 Categories: ,
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Catwalk Picture Hanger

R155.00 R62.00 incl. VAT

Cat shaped clips to hold your pics.

SKU: CATWAL-600 Categories: ,
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Birds on a Wire Picture Hanger

R125.00 incl. VAT

The perfect perch for your favorite pics.

SKU: BIRDSO-600 Categories: ,
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Mat the Moustache Doormat

R255.00 R76.50 incl. VAT

With Mat the Moustache Doormat, guests will be greeted with a humorous welcome to your home.

SKU: MATTH-1000 Categories: ,
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R215.00 R150.50 incl. VAT
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R85.00 incl. VAT
R95.00 R28.50 incl. VAT
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R2,095.00 R1,466.50 incl. VAT
R170.00 R119.00 incl. VAT
R75.00 R67.50 incl. VAT
R85.00 R59.50 incl. VAT
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My Very Own Rainbow

R465.00 incl. VAT

Bring nature’s most beautiful light show into your home; a sure way to make any room a happier and relaxing place to hang out with My Very Own Rainbow.

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Bleeding Unicorn Candle

R230.00 R161.00 incl. VAT

Our Bleeding Unicorn Candle radiates a brilliant magical glow that eventually melts in all the colours of the rainbow and burn for 20 hours!

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Mini Unicorn Mosaic Kit

R65.00 incl. VAT

Children will love to make sparkly mosaic pictures with this beautiful all-inclusive Mini Unicorn Mosaic Kit.

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Giant Inflatable Unicorn

R1,199.00 R839.30 incl. VAT

Giant Inflatable Unicorn. No introduction needed for this mythical creature that has ventured to the sunny shores of SA.

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MYO Dough Unicorn

R105.00 R73.50 incl. VAT

Sculpt your own unicorn with our MYO Dough Unicorn kit!

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Fairy & Unicorn Torch and Projector

R125.00 incl. VAT

This beautiful Fairy & Unicorn Torch and Projector is the ideal gift for the little girl in your life, especially if she has a love for all things fairy tale and fantasy!

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Iridescent Hip Flask

R165.00 R115.50 incl. VAT

Feel the positive energy radiate off this vibrant Iridescent Hip Flask.

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Mermaid Straw Cup

R115.00 incl. VAT

Sparkle and shimmer, with this Mermaid Straw Cup, perfect for summertime refreshments.



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