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Milestones in Science

R955.00 R191.00 incl. VAT

Embark on an active research expedition through the history of science and technology.

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Fly Slapper

R75.00 R52.50 incl. VAT

Catching flies has never been so much fun now with the Fly Slapper.

SKU: FLYSLA-103 Categories: ,
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XLdragonfly XLbug

R595.00 R238.00 incl. VAT

Our XLdragonfly XLbug is a truly outstanding design for the terminally stylish.

SKU: XLDRAG-001 Categories: ,
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Lego Technic Airport Rescue Vehicle (42068)

R1,299.99 incl. VAT

Kids can recreate some of the most exciting rescues ever with the LEGO Technic Airport Rescue Vehicle.

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Solar Cooking Science

R175.00 R87.50 incl. VAT

Construct a parabolic solar cooker with 14 interlocking foil pieces that reflect and focus the sun's radiation on a small cooking container.

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Natural History Museum Following Gorilla

R205.00 R102.50 incl. VAT

This product is an amazing optical illusion, where the gorilla’s face appears to follow you as you move around the room!

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Lego Star Wars Rey (75528)

R449.99 incl. VAT

Builders will love to add the integral Lego Star Wars Rey (75528) buildable kit to their Star Wars collection.

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Cheeky the Laughing Chimp

R235.00 R164.50 incl. VAT

Cheeky the Laughing Chimp likes nothing better than a good chortle and seeing you do just about anything will set him off. His built in motion sensor will detect movement and that is all it takes for him to end up tumbling about in hysterics.

SKU: CHEEKY-071 Categories: ,
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Mind Twisters

R45.00 R22.50 incl. VAT

Can you separate the pieces of our metal Mind Twister Puzzles?

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Mini Neon Pin Art – Pink

R135.00 incl. VAT

Create Neontastic images with our Mini Neon Pin Art – Pink.

SKU: MININE-005 Categories: ,
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SIze does matter and bigger is always betterView

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R3,450.00 R2,415.00 incl. VAT
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R1,250.00 R625.00 incl. VAT
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Freeze! Handgun Ice Tray

R130.00 R52.00 incl. VAT

Is your drink packin’ heat? Well, cool it down with these handgun-shaped ice. With Freeze! Handgun Ice Tray, you can pop a few rounds of the finely-tooled ice cubes into our beverages.

SKU: FREEZE-810 Categories: ,
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Coldfingers Mitten Ice Tongs

R135.00 R54.00 incl. VAT

An extra pair of hands is always useful and these Coldfingers Mitten Ice Tongs are just the job for picking up slippery ice cubes when nothing but a cold drink will do.

SKU: COLDF-FF05 Categories: ,
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Drinksavers Life Ring Ice Tray

R95.00 R38.00 incl. VAT

It’s ice gone overboard. Don’t cry mayday. Our Drinksavers Life Ring Ice Tray is here to rescue you from the perils of warm beverages.

SKU: DRINKS-600 Categories: ,
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The Chiller 3D Skull Ice Mould

R105.00 incl. VAT

Why use boring square ice cubes to cool down your drink when you can add some supernatural thrill to your chill with The Chiller 3D Skull Ice Mould?

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Ice Ball Mould 4 Pack

R250.00 R225.00 incl. VAT

With our Ice Ball Mould 4 Pack you get all of the benefits of an ice ball maker, two times over. Keep drinks cooler for longer!

SKU: ICEBAL-002 Categories: ,
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Ice Ball Mould 6 Pack

R375.00 R337.50 incl. VAT

If you’re having a party, one ice ball mold isn’t going to cut it. Luckily, the Ice Ball Mould 6 Pack is here to ensure that you and your guests have enough slow-melting ice balls to drink all night!

SKU: THRILL-718 Categories: ,
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Bullet Ice Tray

R160.00 incl. VAT

Load up this silicon magazine-style ammunition tray and create your own large, 50 calibre Bullet Ice Tray.

SKU: BULLET-009 Categories: ,
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Ice Ball Mould 2 Pack

R175.00 R105.00 incl. VAT

With our Ice Ball Mould 2 Pack you get all of the benefits of an ice ball maker, two times over. Keep drinks cooler for longer!

SKU: ICEBAL-001 Categories: ,
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