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World’s Smallest Vacuum

R225.00 incl. VAT

The tiniest speck will be sucked into oblivion and the smallest of crevices cleaned thanks to the epic powers of the World’s Smallest Vacuum.

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World’s Smallest Harmonica

R90.00 incl. VAT

If you fancy being an old lonesome cowboy, singing sad songs about your dog but on a much smaller, less dramatic scale, then you may be interested in what we have to offer you – The World’s Smallest Harmonica.

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World’s Smallest Laser Guns

R90.00 incl. VAT

In the world of miniatures, enter the World’s Smallest Laser Guns ever. Pew, pew pew! Fight aliens or fellow spacemen with the World’s Smallest Laser Gun. Comes with one red and one blue laser gun, so you team up red vs. blue.

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World’s Smallest Puzzle – Planet Earth

R90.00 incl. VAT

Looking for an alternate puzzle? Say hello to our World’s Smallest Puzzle – Planet Earth.

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World’s Smallest Walkie Talkie

R225.00 incl. VAT

Grew up dreaming of obtaining “Double 0” status? Spent many an hour crouching behind the sofa with a water pistol shadowing the ever-oblivious dog? Maybe the World’s Smallest Walkie Talkie will quench your thirst for espionage!

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World’s Smallest LED Desk Lamp

R75.00 incl. VAT

For those who are fans of unnecessarily small items, the World’s Smallest LED Desk Lamp is the one for you.

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World’s Smallest Table Tennis Set

R105.00 incl. VAT

You can now play table tennis anywhere that you go with the fantastic World’s Smallest Table Tennis Set. Be it at home or on lunch break at the office, you can quickly install this mini table tennis game wherever you are and have bags of fun!

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World’s Smallest Voice Changer

R140.00 incl. VAT

Do you fancy yourself as the joker amongst your friends and want some extra ammunition in your comedy belt? If so then you’ll love the World’s Smallest Voice Changer.

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Q4 Worlds Smallest Quadcopter

R725.00 R507.50 incl. VAT

The Q4 Worlds Smallest Quadcopter comes with an equally miniature remote control but flies as if it was a full size helicopter.

SKU: Q4QYUA-550 Categories: , ,
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World’s Smallest Puzzle – Antique Map

R90.00 incl. VAT

Looking for an alternate puzzle? Say hello to our World’s Smallest Puzzle – Antique Map.

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SIze does matter and bigger is always betterView

R295.00 incl. VAT
R195.00 incl. VAT
R1,199.00 R839.30 incl. VAT
R175.00 incl. VAT
R295.00 R177.00 incl. VAT
R365.00 R255.50 incl. VAT
R7,550.00 R5,285.00 incl. VAT
R5,750.00 R4,025.00 incl. VAT
R3,450.00 R2,415.00 incl. VAT
R1,250.00 R625.00 incl. VAT
R475.00 R332.50 incl. VAT

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Das Horn

R435.00 incl. VAT

Get the Das Horn! Conquer your next beverage like a mighty Bavarian Viking.

SKU: DASHOR-501 Categories: ,
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Hammered Moscow Mule Mug

R340.00 incl. VAT

Featuring an attractive hammered finish to please the eye, our Hammered Moscow Mule Mug not only keeps your drink cool, but brings out the flavors of your mule recipe.

SKU: HAMMER-745 Categories: ,
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Moscow Mule Mug

R385.00 incl. VAT

Enjoy a tasty Moscow Mule in this updated Moscow Mule Mug.

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On The Rock Glass with Stainless Steel Ball

R265.00 incl. VAT

Used for whiskey, scotch or liquor this premium On The Rock Glass with Stainless Steel Ball set comes with a specially made whisky glass, stainless steel chilling ball that is filled with a special non toxic freezing gel.

SKU: ONTHER-730 Categories: , ,
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Rum Taster Glass

R165.00 incl. VAT

Enjoy it Neat or on The Rocks with our Rum Taster Glass.

SKU: RUMT-FT148 Categories: ,
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Grand Rock Highball Glass and Ice Ball Mould (8 pack)

R560.00 incl. VAT

Enjoy a fun evening of fine drinking with friends using the uniquely classy combination of our Grand Rock Highball Glass and Ice Ball Mould (8 pack)!

SKU: GRANDR-002 Categories: ,
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Large Skull Goblet

R265.00 R185.50 incl. VAT

Start your evening the right way with this super cool, on-trend Large Skull Goblet, ideal for drinking rituals.

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Edison Light Bulb Glass Set

R245.00 R171.50 incl. VAT

The Edison Light Bulb Glass Set is a totally unique drinking glass set as each glass is shaped like a light bulb. Illuminate your drink!!

SKU: MIXOLO-001 Categories: ,
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