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Bicycle Click Freestanding Bike Set

R365.00 R182.50 incl. VAT

Sometimes finding a tree or a wall to rest your bikes on is pretty hard to come by. Say hello to the Bicycle Click Freestanding Bike Set.

SKU: BICYCL-002 Categories: ,
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R675.00 R337.50 incl. VAT

The Science of Gyroscopes. Gyroscopes are used in countless devices. From smartphones, tablets, and video game controllers to airplanes and space telescopes, gyroscopes perform tasks ranging from the everyday to the extraordinary.

SKU: GYROBO-001 Category:
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Solar Robot (3294)

R170.00 incl. VAT

Learn how to make a moving robot using solar panels and a motor.

SKU: SOLARR-002 Category: Tag:
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Mini Sound Effects Pirate Edition

R95.00 R66.50 incl. VAT

The convenience of a hand-held sound-effects library is hard to beat, but sometimes even smaller is better!

SKU: MINISO-020 Categories: ,
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Dig a Mammoth Kit (3236)

R95.00 R85.50 incl. VAT

Be a Paleontologist with our 4M Dig a Mammoth Kit!

SKU: DIGAMA-001 Categories: , Tag:
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Space Slide Projector Kit (3383)

R160.00 R144.00 incl. VAT

Bring space to your bedroom with this super tough Space Slide Projector Kit (3383).

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Boules Set

R495.00 R445.50 incl. VAT

It may feel like a small ammunition pack for a pirate ship, but the heavy duty metal balls in this Boules Set are perfect for a variety of garden boules games.

SKU: BOULES-100 Categories: ,
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Lego Star Wars Death Star (10188)

R19,675.00 incl. VAT

Recreate the action and adventure of the Star Wars movies with the ultimate Death Star playset – the highly sought after Lego Star Wars Death Star (10188)!

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Tic Tac Toe Puzzle Kube

R65.00 R32.50 incl. VAT

Looking for a real challenge? The mind boggling Tic Tac Toe Puzzle Kube is a real brainteaser!

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Bike Tramline Laser Safety Light

R195.00 R136.50 incl. VAT

Be safe and be seen with this Bike Tramline Laser Safety Light!

SKU: BIKETR-698 Categories: ,
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R85.00 R42.50 incl. VAT
R295.00 R177.00 incl. VAT
R1,199.00 R839.30 incl. VAT
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R495.00 R346.50 incl. VAT
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R5,750.00 R4,025.00 incl. VAT
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R2,350.00 R1,645.00 incl. VAT
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R85.00 incl. VAT
R225.00 R157.50 incl. VAT
R7,550.00 R5,285.00 incl. VAT
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R175.00 incl. VAT

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Silicone Mould Ice Shooters

R195.00 R97.50 incl. VAT

A totally new way to enjoy shooters.

SKU: ICESHO-001 Categories: ,
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Ice Ball Mould 2 Pack

R175.00 R105.00 incl. VAT

With our Ice Ball Mould 2 Pack you get all of the benefits of an ice ball maker, two times over. Keep drinks cooler for longer!

SKU: ICEBAL-001 Categories: ,
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2 inch Square Ice Cube Tray

R95.00 incl. VAT

Who wants a glass full of small ice cubes when just one massive ice cube will do? Say hello to the 2 inch Square Ice Cube Tray.

SKU: CHILLC-001 Categories: ,
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Coldfingers Mitten Ice Tongs

R135.00 R54.00 incl. VAT

An extra pair of hands is always useful and these Coldfingers Mitten Ice Tongs are just the job for picking up slippery ice cubes when nothing but a cold drink will do.

SKU: COLDF-FF05 Categories: ,
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Freeze! Handgun Ice Tray

R130.00 R52.00 incl. VAT

Is your drink packin’ heat? Well, cool it down with these handgun-shaped ice. With Freeze! Handgun Ice Tray, you can pop a few rounds of the finely-tooled ice cubes into our beverages.

SKU: FREEZE-810 Categories: ,
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Ice Ball Mould 6 Pack

R375.00 R337.50 incl. VAT

If you’re having a party, one ice ball mold isn’t going to cut it. Luckily, the Ice Ball Mould 6 Pack is here to ensure that you and your guests have enough slow-melting ice balls to drink all night!

SKU: THRILL-718 Categories: ,
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Frozen Smiles Ice Tray

R95.00 R38.00 incl. VAT

All of a sudden, dentures aren’t just for Grandpa anymore! Freeze up a batch of Frozen Smiles with our Frozen Smiles Ice Tray and drop them into any glass – they’re the ice cubes that grin right back at you (and your esteemed party guests).

SKU: FROZEN-810 Categories: ,
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Drinksavers Life Ring Ice Tray

R95.00 R38.00 incl. VAT

It’s ice gone overboard. Don’t cry mayday. Our Drinksavers Life Ring Ice Tray is here to rescue you from the perils of warm beverages.

SKU: DRINKS-600 Categories: ,
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