CES 2020 Top Picks

Las Vegas is the home of CES 2020 and showcases the latest and greatest in technology and consumer gadgets. Here are some of the most interesting gadgets that caught our eye this year.

Samsung Ballie

Samsung Ballie is an interesting combination between smart home device and robotic companion. The ball-shaped gadget, equipped with cameras and sensors used to follow you around, can control various smart home features, take photos, send you updates about your home when you’re away, and even function as a fitness assistant.

Hydraloop Water Recycler

After our nasty experience with Day Zero and all those water restrictions, it was really interesting to come across this manufacturer. Hydraloop filters and purifies grey water from baths, showers, and washing machines, employs a series of six maintenance-free filtration techniques, and can recycle up to 85% of the water used in the home for re-use in toilets, pools, and irrigation systems (your toilet and kitchen sink are safe from filtration, so don’t fret).

Rocean One

While we on water, check out Rocean’s One which is the most stylish take on a water filter you’ve seen yet. It is aimed at reducing the use of plastic bottles so it filters, carbonates, and flavors water thanks to a pair of reusable flavor pods and a built-in carbon dioxide tank. The company is partnering with various brands to recreate and offer particular flavor combinations in an effort to discourage bottle use while providing customers with the same great drinks they love to chug.

Segway S-Pod

Segway’s S-Pod is, essentially, a two-wheeled self-balancing stroller that can hit speeds of up to 38 kilometers per hour. Unlike other Segway products, you control the S-Pod with a joystick instead of your body, making for a more relaxing jaunt around town. The S-Pod is outfitted with smart safety features, too, like automatic braking on turns and exterior lights that double as turn signals.

The Wall MicroLED TV

Samsung’s suitably named Wall MicroLED TV spans 292 inches, making it the largest TV we’ve seen at CES. For something slightly smaller, the display comes in 88-, 93-, 110- and 150-inch sizes.


We already knew a bit about the upcoming PlayStation 5: It will use an AMD chip that has a CPU based on the third-generation Ryzen. It’ll have eight cores of the seven-nanometer Zen 2 microchip. It will support 8K and use a custom version of Radeon’s Navi line. We were hoping to see it at CES 2020. Instead we got the new logo and a release date (sort of): next holiday season.

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