VEGAS BABY! It’s CES 2020!

For the last couple of years some of us here at Yuppie Gadgets have been making the yearly pilgrimage to CES aka Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It has been running for more than 50 years, showcasing innovations and devices. CES 2020 has just started. Here are some of what is being showcased this year.

Virtual visor blocks out sun
German manufacturer Bosch has announced a “virtual visor” that tracks a driver’s eyes to block out the sun without obscuring their view of the rest of the road. 
The robot that brings you toilet paper
It has been estimated that the average person spends a year and a half of their life in the bathroom, and yet the last major invention to change the smallest room in the house was indoor plumbing. Consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble says it plans to change that. The company’s toilet paper brand, Charmin, has unveiled a two-wheeled robot designed to save its owner at the most crucial moment.
No more losing the remote – control the TV with your mind
One of the rising trends at CES is in “brain-computer interfaces”, headsets with sensors that can monitor electrical activity in the brain and measure it.

French technology company NextMind has developed a Bluetooth headband that it says could be used as a replacement for remote controls or video gamepads, allowing wearers to change channels or control characters in a virtual reality game simply by focusing on an object on a screen.
Hyundai will make flying cars for Uber’s air taxi service
US ride-hailing company Uber and South Korea’s Hyundai Motor are teaming up to develop air taxis, joining the fledgling race to launch flying cars in big cities.
AirSelfie – the drone that takes selfies for you
Getting a big group into a selfie, or even finding the right angle while holding the camera yourself, can be tricky. US company AirSelfie thinks it has the solution, with a drone that can do it for you.

Watch this space for more from CES 2020 in LAs Vegas.

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