Black Friday 2019 is coming and you need to get prepped and ready.

We know that you have had your eye on some cool products and that you are holding back from any shopping until that last Friday in November. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of Black Friday here at Yuppie Gadgets.

  • COFFEE – We cannot emphasize this enough. You will want to be in top form, like Faf de Klerk in Japan. If you are allergic to caffeine then we suggest Matcha Tea or maybe just regular cold showers to keep you fresh, alert and awake.
  • You will need to be FRESH and alert and awake because you want to keep your eye out for special deals and discounts over and above the Black Friday Sale.
  • Get a COMFORTABLE. If you are going to be at the office, make sure you get a cushion – REMEMBER, NO DISTRACTIONS and that includes back or butt pain. If you are at home, well then you can park yourself anywhere where you feel totally comfortable.
  • Make sure your device or computer is fully charged. Time is precious and that may just be the last of that particular item on sale.
  • Also make sure that you have a reliable internet connection. Again, time is precious so you don’t want any delays especially with your internet connection.
  • Prepare in advance. If you know exactly what you are after then add it to your cart in advance and then just hit the CHECKOUT button (provided that the item is still in stock).
  • If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas then either compile a list with people and what gift categories they fall into or check out our Gift Guides if you are feeling a bit lazy – There is no shame in that. Gift Ideas For Her and Gift Ideas For Him
  • Create a Wishlist on the Yuppie Gadgets website which is also a time saver.
  • Browse through everything. You never know what you might find on our website as Yuppie Gadgets is known in SA for stocking the Quirky and Fun and Unique.
  • SIGN UP for our Newsletter for sneak peaks and so much more that is guaranteed to make Black Friday 2019 epic.

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