General Price Increase as well as 3rd Party Site Pricing and Information

PLEASE NOTE: Price Increases are effective from 01 November 2018.

We have noted with concern the devaluation of the Rand since June 2018. The devaluation has continued rapidly due to events, both local and global, over the past months. Since we have not had a price increase when the VAT was increased, we have no other choice but to sadly increase pricing on certain products.
At this stage we are unfortunately forced to increase some of our prices on certain products and kindly also note that prices will change on new stock received.
We do hope to see an economic recovery in South Africa soon and to avoid further price increases in the near future.
At this time, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support and look forward to continuing to serve you well into the future.

Pricing and Coupons on 3rd Party Websites

Please note we have no control over the pricing on 3rd party websites and coupon discounts that they are advertising. We have given no permission and/or agreed to feed our product information and pricing. Therefore we are not responsible for the accuracy on these websites. Please only refer directly to our Website for Product details and pricing or Contact Us.

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