Cool Gadgets From CES 2015

The International CES (Consumer Electronics Show®) is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the latest consumer technologies. Here are just some of the cool gadgets that have been unveiled.

Phāz These over-ear headphones aren’t quite a perpetual motion machine, but they’re the next best thing. The Phāz cans charge your phone or tablet while you’re rocking out with them, thanks to an onboard 1200mAh battery. The headphones themselves can be used passively while jacked into a 3.5mm port, but the onboard battery can be used as an amp when you don’t need the juice for your mobile’s battery.


Leave it to the French to design a speaker that looks like Wheatley from Portal 2. The weird thing is that Devialet’s mesmerizing sphere is no gimmick. The wireless Phantom has built-in amplification, built-in digital-to-analog conversion, and side-domes that vibrate hypnotically when the Hz take a dip. Oh, and it sounds incroyable.

Devialet Phantom

Kube Music is good. Beer is good. Kube enjoys both, just like you do. The handsome speaker/cooler combo has 33 quarts of storage space for beverages and can crank your BBQ mix upwards of 100 dB without distortion. Best part is the battery life: It gets 20 hours on one charge, so you’ll pass out before it does.


Parrot Zik Sport Rare is a pair of earbuds that stay lodged in your ears while you’re working up a sweat. Parrot’s new Zik Sport headphones wrap around your head with five points of contact, distributing pressure so they won’t budge. They’ve got the same audio features as Parrot’s Zik 2 headphones, plus biometric capabilities like heart-rate tracking and an accelerometer for measuring ground contact time, vertical oscillation, and steps per minute.

Parrot Zik Sport

XYZPrinting Food Printer What’s better than a 3-D printer that can print chocolate and sugar? A 3-D printer that can print cookies! Input designs via USB, or select one from XYZPrinting’s catalog on its 5-inch touchscreen. They can be up to 200x150x150 mm in size, and may need to be baked afterward (unless you want to eat raw cookie dough).

XYZ Food Printer

Zolt Even if you have one of those fancy light laptops, there’s a problem with it. It’s the brick, the too-bulky adapter that adds weight to your bag and blocks slots on your power strip.  Zolt delivers 70W from three USB ports—the top one can charge a laptop, and the others can charge your phone or tablet. The octagonal mini-tower swivels to keep adjacent outlets usable.



There’s tons of gear that tracks steps and sleep. Being, a smartwatch coming this spring from Zensorium, aims to record a more slippery data point: your mood. Using an optical sensor to follow blood flow in your wrist, the company claims the watch can tell when you’re calm and when you’re stressed. An app then lets you see how those readings line up with other factors like sleep and activity.

Zensorium Being

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